Maqasid As-syariah dalam Pandangan Al-Gazzali (450-505 H/ 1058-1111 H)

Danu Aris Setiyanto


Al-Gazzali (450-505 H / 1058-1111 H) is a Muslim intellectual who first introduced maqasid as-shari’ah. The journey of his life since childhood directs himself to a life filled with knowledge, from aqeedah, philosophy, logic, sufism, proposals of fiqh, fiqh and so forth. His role in laying the foundations of fiqh proposal cannot be doubted especially in his thinking about maqasid as-syariah. The Book of Syifa al-Galil and Mustasfa is a concrete proof of its contribution to the development of the theory of maslahat. This research tries to express some of his thoughts about the problems conveyed by him. The method in this research is by collecting library data, data classification, and analysis of data that has been collected. So that conclusions are obtained from the discussion. Al-Gazzali style also continued to develop from the book Syifa al-Galil which is rational, then shifted the book of Mustasfa which became rigid, and more conservative. He played a more detailed role in explaining the terms is tislah, types hajiyah and tahsiniyat, functions, terms, and provisions of maqasid as-sharia in more detail and better than his previous teacher, Imam al-Haramain al-Juwaini.

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